Residenz Werli Étterem Panzió Tarján

Special menues


We provide for Our Dear Guests 10 sorts of menues such as

  • Princely delicacies
  • Royal menu
  • Special menu
  • Table of the nature
  • Marry-making of farms
  • Menu of the Czar Nicholas
  • Wedding menu
  • Menu of Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli)
  • Menu of Terence Hill (Mario Girotti)

    Some Examples:

    Royal Banquet

    Franz Josef and Emperor William consumed together in Esterházy Palace of Tata town the following menu at the time of Great Manoeuvres of Tata town on 15th of September 1897 year.
    1. Aperitif
    2. Vegetable soup as the Queen
    3. Fillets of pikes with Parmesan sauce
    4. Roast duck with potatoes and salad
    5. Roast pork with some flambéed fruits
    6. veal with vegetables boiled in roast fat
    7. Esterházy roasted steak with some toasted potatoes
    8. Desserts such as some grilled fruits, coffee, ice cream

    Price: 90 Euro

    Menu of Bud Spencer

    In honor of Carlo Pedersoli
    1. Aperitif
    2. Fruit soup
    3. Grilled chicken, Pantai sauce, rice
    4. Roast goose, garlicky potatoes, boiled red cabbage
    5. Paprika veal, toasted dumplings
    6. Pork chop á la Óváry, French salad
    7. Smoked and cooked ham, cheese fried in breadcrumbs
    8. Roast venison, sauce of orange and blueberries, croquettes
    9. Desserts: banana-split, coffee

    Price: 160 Euro

    Best of Residenz-Werli

    1. Aperitif Blue label (5cl)
    2. Starter: paste of goose liver as RW, smoked goose breasts, toast
    3. Soup: pheasant soup with liver balls
    4. Goose liver as RW, truffles, sauce of Tokaj, roast apples, pears, rice
    5. Desserts: banana split, home-made cake, coffee

    price: 105 Euro

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